Friday, February 1, 2008


This is my favorite design at this point, I called it "Easter Is Coming" ,it reminds me of spring coming soon ... And judging by the number of clicks I get on my Etsy online store, viewers like it the most as well. I love how simple and bold it is at the same time. I am working on different variations and soon I will give you some sneak peeks soon.

I will add new products in this line in the future. It will be so much fun to have little accessories, like jewelery and magnets, to go with it. Eventually I want to big things as well, like curtains, table runners, bedding, scarfs, art prints and anything else I can think of.

One think I am really proud of in this particular design is my straight squares. Anyone who sewed small squares before would know how hard it is to get it done just right. Well, one thing I will guarantee at all times, is that my squares will always be perfect.

1 comment:

windycindy said...

A beautiful pillow! It does look like "Easter!" Cindi

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