Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our gift of love for Jolene

My wonderful friend Jolene, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Not only it was a complete shock to all of us, but is was so hard to believe since she is so young (her youngest is only 8 years old). So I got together with some other talented ladies in our neighborhood and we decided we were going to make a special quilt for Jolene...

As soon as the word spread it was wonderful to see the support of our friends. Many wanted to do something to help us to get this quilt done. Everyone brought flannel scraps and we got measuring and cutting and sewing - putting it all together.

Since we did not want to leave any fabric out, we even made some crazy squares like these:) We wanted to be this a personal as possible so Jolene could feel loved by us all.

The result was so beautiful! It matched Jolene's living room nicely. I will never forget her surprise, when we gave it to her. This was a perfect gift for her because every time she uses it from now, she will remember that she is not alone. It was so wonderful to get together with others and feel like we could do something together little to lift Jolene's burden.

Now she has a quilt like no other, made with love and appreciation for her by her neighbours. I am so glad I love making quilts and could brighten Jolene's day and I am so grateful for wonderful neighbors like mine.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

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