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Last week I had my first wonderful Giveaway and had so much fun doing it, but yesterday I learned that Giveaways are really complicated from a legal stand point and therefore strongly discouraged. An attorney for Etsy, Sara, wrote an article about it and you can read it here:

Basically, when having Giveaways, there are so many things to take into a consideration that it is almost not worth it. After considering everything I have decided that I will not offer Giveaways in the future so I can keep things less complicated.


That does not mean you will not be able to receive a free gift in the future!

It only means that I will have to structure it differently. For example, I can send you a free gift as a "Thank you" when you participate in my sale event. Or I can send free gifts to everyone on Christmas to say "Thank you for being a loyal customer" and so forth.

I hope this does not discourage you. I will still offer wonderful discounts and other sale events to make it worth your while! And as I said before these will be avaliable only to my blog subscribers and I will not post them anywhere else on the Internet.

Thank you for your understanding.

I wanted to talk about Color Trends for 2008.

According to ART SELECT and other sources here is a basic list:

"We've done our homework on this year's trends and this season, designers are looking to the lush, oasis-inspired colors and tones of the tropics and the Mediterranean.
2008's most inviting hues in design are:
Golden Olive – warm, earthy
Daiquiri Green – uplifting, inspiring
Cantaloupe – bright, fresh
Snorkel Blue –oceanic, inviting
Croissant – neutral, soothing
Pink Mist – delicate, invigorating

Here's a gorgeous Abstract artwork by artist Marlys K. Mallet that happens to feature every one of these delicious colors Springtime n 6 .

Inspired to explore 2008's freshest new colors in art? Jump-start your spring decorating and check out our 2008 Color Trends Collection!"

I am so excited about this year color selection it is so relaxing and it will go so well with almost any setting. Casual Art, Global Art, Traditional Art, Contemporary Art and Kids Art will all fit in.

You can be sure that you will see these colors in most of my collections this year.
So far I have two designs that would qualify: EASTER IS COMING - PINK and EASTER IS COMING - GREEN

Color Trends for 2009 are a less warm than 2008, but equally charming. You will see a lot of pink, purple, gray and a little bit of olive green. For the full list you can click here.
I will slowly switch to 2009 color palette in late fall so you will have the latest available for Christmas presents. Just stay tuned to my blog and I will keep you updated when the change will come.

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Juliann said...

Wow, Kristina! Thanks for all the info. I love the color predictions, how fun!

And congrats on the success of that give-away, even if it is complicated, you got 70 comments! That's fantastic!

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