Friday, April 11, 2008


Here is my newest addition to my shop.

This is my first FABRIC MINI QUILT stretched on canvas stretchers ready to hang! Modern Victorian Design is beautiful and simple at the same time.

I used Trapunto quilting technique which produces a raised surface on the quilt.

Size:22 X 19
It is $75 before shipping.

For a more detailed look please visit my store.


Our Interior Design Team is preparing for an upcoming Mother's Day Sale,
so please mark your calendars.

I made a little mini Etsy from our Team so you can see their talent. It is on the right.


I have been developing my talent in Watercolor Landscape Quilting.

Here is a picture of my very first quilt 48 X 48.

I am working on new pieces at this time.

Since I am not ready to sell these, I am also thinking about developing a Pattern for my art quilts, so people can make their own piece of art rather than buying it for thousands of dollars.

Anyway, as always I will keep you updated about what I am doing and
Thank you for visiting my blog today.


Tara Robertson said...

I love the watercolor style quilt--very beautiful.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Kristina,

This is a beautiful quilt!! I love it!! I had not realized you did this work. Wow! Such a wonderful combo of painting and quilting - 2 of my favorites!

~ Diane Clancy

ladybug said...

wow that is stunning! Nice work! And I love the idea of creating patterns as well as having your work for sale. That way you get to inspire people from all walks of life! ;)

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